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  • VTB Insurance is part of the leading international financial group VTB;
  • The company enters in top-10 leaders of the market of insurance in Russia;
  • The total amount of insurance collecting Society following the results of 2013 made 30,8 billion rubles;
  • Authorized capital of the company – 5,5 billion rubles. Own means – more than 10,3 billion rubles;
  • Branches and sales offices of VTB Insurance work more than in 100 largest cities of Russia;
  • Standard&Poor's agency Insurance assigned to VTB the highest score of reliability among insurance companies with the Russian capital at the BBB-level;
  • The maximum score of reliability of "Expert RA" - "And ++" is assigned to the company (exclusively high level of reliability);


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Is strong and modern company able to deliver the highest quality products and to develop the most up to date aviation technologies.
Our commercial department co-operate with customers from about 50 countries of the world. We consider each and every customer to be of great importance for us.
Research and development, manufacturing, repair, overhaul and sales of all metal aircraft propellers for piston and turboprop engines up to 2000 HP, used on regional airline airplanes, agricultural, general aviation, sport and aerobatic airplanes.


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*TV Programme FlightTV*
FlightTV - is a Russian aviation television programme aimed at professional domestic and foreign audience. It is broadcasting on the Internet being available on several Russian and international aviation web sites which are popular places for private pilots and potential buyers of aircrafts and accompanying equipments for airdromes of short-range aviation to hold a conversation and acquire information. We tell viewers that to fly your own plane or to be a part of airclubs is not only a pleasure and informative but also not that expensive and complicated as people usually tend to think in Russia.


"General Aviation in CIS"

General Aviation in CIS monthly journal – for amateurs and professionals, completely devoted to general aviation problems
About 19 years we clue our readers up on world and domestic achievements in design, certification, production and application of new techniques, intended for general aviation operation.





All-Russian public organization "Federation of amateur aviators of Russia" - FLA Russia, is the largest public aviation organization in the Russian Federation with more than 25 years of experience.

In operation of the members of the FLA are more than 1,200 light aircraft and helicopters. Members of the FLA restored or re-built about 80 airports.
FLA has 42 regional and 83 of the local branch. For 25 years, FLA prepared 3128 private pilots, 406 technical specialists.FLA Russia is in Russian Federation, three aviation sports in FAI (Air Rally Flying, Air Navigation Race and Precision Flying).

The main task of the LAF is the maintenance and development of General aviation In Russia.



AOPA-Russia – Non-profit organization, a member of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations.

AOPA-Russia - is the largest association of private pilots in Russia and represents their interests in government agencies in the country. Membership in AOPA provides assistance to pilots not only in Russia but throughout the world.


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